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Pre-requisite Qualification for PIRC

As the PIRC is an examination leading towards the award of a Flight Instructor Rating, the candidate is required to hold a PPL or higher grade of licence before he/she may be permitted to undertake the examination.


The syllabus for the PIRC is published in CASR Part 61 Manual of Standards – Schedule 3, Section 2.4.

The examination

The PIRC is a two-hour examination, consisting generally of 50 multi-choice questions. To qualify for the award of a Pass in the PIRC the candidate must achieve at least 75% in the examination. The PIRC exam has been amended to reflect the newer version of the FAA Aviation Instructor’s Handbook (FAA-H-8083-9A) and CASR Part 61 Manual of Standards, Schedule 3.

CASA reserves the right to reduce the number of questions without prior notice, but when doing so, will not reduce the 2 hours permitted time for the examination.

Suggested study material

The following references are useful study material for the PIRC.

  • Aviation Instructor's Handbook (FAA-H-8083-9A)
    This is the principal reference text
  • A suitable management book on 'motivation'
    A candidate is expected to have basic understanding of the theories of motivation proposed by:

    • Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs'
    • Douglas McGregor 'X & Y' Theory
    • Frederick Herzberg '2-Factor' Theory.

While FAA-H-8083-9A provides some short paragraphs on the first two (but mainly on Maslow), most management books provide satisfactory information on the 3 theories.

  • Human Factors in Flight by Frank Hawkins or any human factors book on 'memory', 'motivation', 'stress', etc
    Optional - to supplement information in the above
  • Preparing Instructional Objectives by Robert F Mager
    Optional - a useful text on 'behavioural objectives' to compliment FAA-H-8083-9A
  • Measuring Instructional Results by Robert F Mager
    Optional - additional useful text on 'behavioural objectives'

PIRC - Pilot Instructor Rating Exam - Common

Time permitted 2 hours. Pass mark, not less than 75%

Aspeq Invigilation fee $103.20 + CASA fee $65 = $168.20

Permitted material required to be supplied by the candidate:

A candidate may use either the Airservices ListOR the Jeppesen List of permitted materials ONLY. All other combinations of materials are NOT permitted.

Airservices List

  • CASR Part 61
  • CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019
  • No other references or material permitted

Jeppesen List

  • CASR Part 61
  • CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019
  • No other references or material permitted
Permitted material to be provided by the Invigilator with the examination, which must be returned on completion of examination:

Pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and scribble pad only.

Note: Holding a valid Australian PPL, CPL or ATPL licence, of either aeroplane or helicopter category, is a pre-requisite for this examination. If you do not hold an Australian PPL or CPL or ATPL licence or Certificate of Validation (CoV), then any pass obtained in this exam will be considered to be invalid.

OK Captain, time for some seriously good fun, PIRC! You look sharp, coffee (or tea) is fresh and you're in the right place.

IMPORTANT UPDATE JUNE 2020:  The PDF version of the FAA Instructors Handbook has been updated to 9-B and is attached here.


Information regarding the update in regards to the exam:

Version 9A remains as the principle text until the 12th of August 2020.  After this date version 9B will come into effect.

Book content is as follows:

Aviation Instructor’s Handbook
Chapter 1: Risk Management and Single-Pilot Resource Management
Chapter 2: Human Behavior
Chapter 3: The Learning Process
Chapter 4: Effective Communication
Chapter 5: The Teaching Process
Chapter 6: Assessment
Chapter 7: Planning Instructional Activity
Chapter 8: Aviation Instructor Responsibilities and Professionalism
Chapter 9: Techniques of Flight Instruction
Chapter 10: Teaching Practical Risk Management during Flight Instruction
Appendix A: References
Appendix B: Developing a Test Item Bank
Appendix C: Certificates, Ratings, and Endorsements
Appendix D: Personal Minimums Checklist


To see the most prior PDF version (9-A valid for exams until 12th of August 2020) of the FAA Instructors Handbook just click here and it'll open in a new tab.

Some useful references are found in the older FAA Instructor Handbook, to open a PDF version just click here and it'll also open in a new tab.

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