BAK Exams

Welcome!  You've taken a huge step and congratulations 🙂

We at Aussie Pilot Exams are excited to complete your flying journey with us!  We have some tips though that will assist you.  Generally the BAK pilot exam is completed 'in-house' by your training organisation and there is roughly about 40 questions, with a pass mark of usually 70%. They will go through everything that is required in order for you to complete the exam, so if you study, you will succeed.

Our recommendation is to purchase the PPL Exam course though, you will get a lot of benefit from the different range of more detailed questions. If you are studying RPL, there may be some differences regarding law and weights, plus difference in requiring endorsements such as navigation and controlled airspace.

As much as we primarily focus on PPL and CPL Exams, if you are just studying for RPL this additional content will be a HUGE advantage for you and most definitely not be wasted, as a majority of knowledge crosses over from one field to another.  Due to the large overlap of similar content required by CASA, we have decided to not focus on RPL and provide a 'taste' of what to expect for BAK.

Not to be mistaken, there is huge value here with the BAK questions and we will continue to grow the database, but for a small price difference you will get an insanely large amount of value from the PPL Exams.

If you haven't done so already we also highly recommend you study the VFRG (visual flight rules guide) found here.

Once again welcome and you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at  we look forward to fast-tracking your theory to the sky!

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Practice with the questions above then try these final BAK exams. 40 Questions each, changing every exam!