About Us

Welcome to Aussie Pilot Exams!

We were once in your shoes... sure there are some resources out there, some good, some not so much - not to mention some very complicated.

Our problems when we were studying aviation are probably the same as yours right now.

CASA exams are hard - in fact in 2017 for some exams only 55% were passing and it's not getting easier.

Not to mention they are expensive - an average of $165 a shot!!

Imagine 3 attempts costing a total of around $500 and instead yourself saving that money.

So how can we help you?

We have the knowledge to make you successful holding at least a Commercial Pilots Licence and both RaAus and GA instructor ratings!

That's important; We are not a "copy-cat" site, we have sat the exams ourselves and we are trained and certified by CASA to professionally to teach it.

When shopping around ask yourself:

"Do they practice what they preach?

Are they qualified themselves?

Is the material they are providing relevant?"

We give you exams that are similar to CASA that show your strengths and where you can improve.

One important factor is we incorporate aviation English and our variety is continuously growing.

Not to mention we are proactive in updating our exams, as we work in the industry.

We now have full courses available for BAK - RPC - RPL - PPL and IREX!

This is a game-changer - some places only offer practice exams, we offer a full interactive course for a fraction of the price.

In our courses you can see:

exactly where you're at with your studies with all the required theory,

track your exact progress in both theory content plus all practice exams


see your prior performance showing your improvement!

Finally, we care that you succeed, having been in your position ourselves (only with far less resources!).


Together we will fast-track your flying theory to the sky!