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PASS BAK PPL CPL Pilot Exams Today! Made in Australia By Pilots. CASA Pilot Exams Are Expensive. Save Money! Want To Become A Pilot? They say pilots are rich right!  Not only is education expensive with flying as well as all your required material such as books and maps, who wants to pay more?  Imagine being charged the average price of $165 for sitting another exam!  With Aussie Pilot Exams you’ll be passing exams and enjoying the flying in no time.

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Time is money!  One thing is learning, another is knowing what you need to learn.  With Aussie Pilot Exams you’ll do both.  Find out where you need to focus on with our exams, putting you in the hot seat before the big day.  Then smash those exams knowing you have given it your all! Student pilots and advanced professionals love our exams, because they are relevant and challenging.

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Aussie Pilot Exams is made by pilots, for pilots.  We have sat the same exams and know where customers need to focus.  Begin with the foundation and exceed the required standard in order to pass CASA’s exams. We live and breath the MOS continuously adding exams designed to challenge yourself, therefore it doesn’t matter if you are about to do your first solo or recapping for a check-ride.  Let’s pass the first time!

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CASA’s pass rates are an average of 60%, going as low as only 55% in 2017 for some subjects. With an average cost of $165 per exam the odds are unfortunately against you. With Aussie Pilot Exams now you are in control, not only will you save money but you will also save time.

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Aviation is expensive!  With an average cost of $165 per CASA exam becoming a member of Aussie Pilot Exams is a no-brainer!  Our platinum package will give you the tools and confidence to pass all your exams the first time, saving you more money for the finer things in life!

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Aussie Pilot Exams is built from the ground up for all devices to give you the best user experience possible.

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