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Welcome to the CASA PART 91 course brought to you by Aussie Pilot Exams.  Perhaps you’re here to learn what’s new, possibly refresh or maybe you’re actually completely new to aviation as a whole and just plain curious.

A little bit of background, much like a lot of different industries, in aviation sometimes things change, it might be something small, or it could be a huge massive change, regardless, people freak out OR people freak out other people saying “This is so hard!!” Or “Make sure you have these studies done before this time otherwise you’ll have to re-learn everything and fail”.  That’s not the case.  What does prevent you from failure though is practice, preparation and knowing where to find things.

This course is designed to give you a quick speed up with some changes from the 2nd of December 2021.  Would I say it is huge, no, but it isn’t exactly small either.  You might find it easier though if you already a bit of an understanding of the current rules in place, or the aviation terminology in general, otherwise you might see something like AMSL and think “What are they on about?!”

Did I mention the best thing about this course?  It’s free!  And there is a reason why.

Firstly we believe for the safety of everyone, everyone has an opportunity to be informed of larger changes. In fact, our website is always changing for the better too! Secondly it gives you the opportunity to experience what we offer, you see is made by real, qualified RA & GA flight instructors, so we can definitely say we have been there and done that.  We don’t just offer practice exams either, we have full courses too as well as practice exams, just like this, for students studying their BAK, RPC, RPL, PPL, CPL, IREX and PIRC (instructor rating) exams!

We have also partnered up with some of Australia’s biggest flying schools providing them content to assist their students.

If you’re thinking about studying aviation, learning something new or you are currently studying and wanting to find a different choice that you may have not discovered before then you’re in the right place.

So welcome, you’re now part of the family with thousands of inspiring students and graduates.

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So enough chit-chat, lets get into it and together we can “Fast-Track Our Flying Theory!

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Official CASA documentation:

Super amazing CASA easy to read guide!!!



PART 91 MOS (Part 91 (General Operating and Flight Rules) Manual of Standards 2020)



PART 135 MOS (Part 135 (Australian Air Transport Operations—Smaller Aeroplanes) Manual of Standards 2020) *Previously referred to as Charter*



PART 138 MOS (Part 138 (Aerial Work Operations) Manual of Standards 2020)



PART 119 DESCRIPTION (Part 119 exemptions and directions instrument in plain English)




PART 121 MOS (Part 121 (Australian Air Transport Operations—Larger Aeroplanes) Manual of Standards 2020)


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