Ballast Fuel Questions:

Refer to the echo fuel policy supplied.

Assume minimum fuel is carried and no limitations are imposed by runway lengths.  Cruise is at 28 gph.  Ignore climb and decent calculations.  Once you have calculated the maximum take-off weight permitted, what is the ballast fuel required in the main tanks? (round the answer to the nearest whole 0.1 of a KG, example 47.2)

Note: For simplicity on these questions you don’t have to round up the C of G.  In the actual exam you may need to round up the nearest KG, Ltr, Lbs or C of G, ensure you are reading the question and take your time.

Important to know: Ballast fuel CANNOT be considered as being available flight fuel!  Only once the load changes and the ballast fuel is no longer required, only then it becomes available as flight fuel!